My Secret Recipes for
Making Grammar
Fun and Easy"
Book:  Enjoy 84 vibrantly colored, 8.5 X 11 inch, semi-gloss, cover weight pages of posters and props that have been neatly tucked "under the STAIR WAY" just for you. Teaching tips accompany every page to reveal clever associations and memory tricks. Pages are unbound for individual display. Use The STAIR WAY on its own or to liven up any language arts curriculum. 
Unbound...................................... $39.99    
Bound in a 2"  3 - Ring binder
plus page protectors ................... $59.99
Use your charter school funds
by e-mailing orders to LearnBeyondTheBook@gmail.com
          Shipping and Handling included!          
 Bundle orders with colleagues or home school groups.
Order 5 books and save $25.
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Individual pages and free downloads are available if you follow the link below.
Grammar and Writing Classes with Terri Stair
Check class and tutoring schedules at
Learn Beyond the Book* www.learnbeyondthebook.com 
or email Terri Stair at love2learn21@gmail.com.
Certified Instructor
The Institute for Excellence in Writing  
Coming Soon!
9" X 13" laminated posters ........$14.99
"Penelope the Preposition Puppy"
 "The WUBSUB" 
Special Order a poster of your favorite page!
Game Pieces:
Sheriff Spinner's 9 Noun Deputies ......$19.99
Match the deputies with their quotes,
which describe their job duties.

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